The Gambia

The Evangelical Church of the Gambia, our collaborating partner in The Gambia, has been very active in taking out the mosquito nets we have supplied to them.

Many local pastors and missionaries are responding to the call to distribute the nets and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are going on mission into communities both locally and also further afield.


We begin this year with renewed strength and ambition to reach more of The Gambia and to help our brothers and sisters over there to share the gospel.

Covid has indeed been a real stumbling block in distributing nets throughout the Gambia. Some limited activity has been taking place in the Essau community. The nets have truly opened doors of ministry in the North Bank region of the Gambia. Much appreciation has been expressed over the generous donations by the local community.

Fundraising has continued throughout the year so that when our partners require more nets as their missions get underway once again, we will be in a position to support them.

Thank you for all your efforts in helping us here.


Our first 2,000 net shipment in January 2019 finally arrived into The Gambia in April. Plans for summer outreach began to be formulated and teams ready to go and preach the gospel in both word and deed.

One Team went into the Sifoe village, south of the River Gambia. Their outreach went very well with many homes vistied. The word of God was preached and many were prayed for. Nets were gladly received by the locals during this outreach.

Another Team visited the Jarrol village, some 120km from Serrakunda. This is a Foni area dominated by the Jola tribe. The Team then visted some other villages in the immediate area.

In June, we also sent out around 200kg of clothing and some stationery to The Gambia.

A Team left for the Panchang area on the 15 June. There they distributed more nets and clothing to the school children over the week that followed.

So rounds off another amazing year of God’s provision to this community.



A new shipment has enabled the Summer Outreach team to go along the northern bank of the River Gambia to a village called Aljamdou. They visited new people and also a church plant that was established by WEC several years ago.  Here are some of the pictures from that mission.



A new mission is also heading out in August to Kampant village. They will then move up to Samba Chajeh Village, a tribal village of the Fulla people in the north bank of the River Gambia. Here is the missionary team all packed and ready to go…


September saw some outreach and evangelism in Foni area in the Western region.

This September,  we also have dispatched about 100kg of clothes and school stationery to our missionary partners in the Gambia. The shipment will enable the missionaries to share the gospel to the children and teachers.

Pirang and Aljamdou are villages dominated by the Wollof and Fula tribes. These are located on the North Bank and were part of the November missions.

Finally, the Christmas mission for Dec 2018 is up in Panchang. God is opening doors there to the chief of the village and therefore all his village. God is good.




A team of seven missionaries went to visit a local village in The Gambia called Panchang. This, again, is a predominantly Muslim community of the Wollof tribal people.  Here the missionaries went house to house to share the message of Jesus as well as to setup many nets.


In addition, the Gambian people have an outside area where the adults will sit and chat late into the evening. This is called a “Bantaba”, and is appropriately pronounced like “banter bar”. The name “Bantaba” is derived from the Mandinka word for a large tree, “Bentennie” or “Bant”, which is a traditional meeting place, “aba”,  for the men of the village. So the missionaries had the idea of setting up a few of the nets to allow the adults to enjoy some peaceful recreational evening chat without the risk of contracting malaria.

A Bantaba is also a type of “gazebo” with a grass or leaf covered area. During their time with the locals, the missionaries would once again share the Gospel of Christ with them under their local compound Bantabas or even the communal one with many in attendance.

At night, after having connected with 3 villages with both mosquito nets and the Gospel, all the people were invited to come together under a starry sky to watch a movie about the life of Jesus. Again, the turn out has been amazing. In the picture below, don’t be side-tracked by the few stragglers in the foreground, but look to the mass of people on the other side of the projection screen. This has been the case over a number of nights.

Another day of spreading the Christmas story of God among us in Christ Jesus was spread to the Wollof and Fulla village of N’Jau, The Gambia.  Here too, a net is being tested out in a grass Bantaba, to the sheer delight of one child under it.

The missionary expedition then visits the Fulani village of Lebba, deep into the hinterland of the Gambia. The truth of the Gospel is told to the people.  The of gift of Christ crucified. More nets are delivered and the locals are helped in setting them up.