First 1,000 Nets Ordered for The Gambia

Hey all, fantastic news !

Our first set of mosquito nets are in production right now. Our suppliers have sent photos of the process as shown below. The yarn arrives in rolls (1) that will be woven into the nets (2). The nets are individually packaged and then bundled into packs of 5. A bunch of these packs are then put into the woven bulk bags (3) ready for transit.






The nets will be shipped out to the Evangelical Alliance of The Gambia  and WEC International. Hopefully they will received them in the midst of their rainy season, which is when they will need them the most. Once the rains subside in later months, the many pools of standing water and African heat are an explosive combination for mosquito breeding.

Keep following us for updates on this shipment and of course the next ones too.


East Africa Opens Up

Life Seekers International meets Angels of East Africa at West Coast Harley Davidson.

Had a really great chat with Sam and he would love us to help out with mosquito nets into his ministry to protect the children from malaria. The Angels of East Africa rescues children from war in the most lawless parts of the world like South Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia. He runs 7 orphanages whilst catering 8000 meals per day and is therefore very welcoming of our help.  Ironically, Sam recovered last week from a bout of malaria. Looking forward to developing this relationship.

Who is Sam? Well, Sam Childers made a remarkable transformation from violent thug to a man of faith, and is embroiled in his ongoing battle to save children from war zones and teach them how to live a productive joy-filled life through encountering the love and person of Jesus Christ.

May Life Seekers International play a part in this great gospel based humanitarian effort.

Thank you Lord.

PayPal Enabled

Hi folks

Just a quick note to say we are now able to take donations via PayPal. Once a donation has been made, there is a form that enables us to collect the additional 25%  Gift Aid on that donation.

PayPal is the most expensive option in terms of charges, but we want everyone to have a suitable method of donation. Please see our Support Page

We are now tax registered !

Hi all,

Just to say that HMRC have now recognised us for tax purposes and we can now begin claiming Gift Aid where applicable on donations.  This adds another 25% to each eligible donation, so please do fill in details where possible.

We are currently updating the online and text giving sites to allow them to process donations with Gift Aid. We will keep you up to date as this progresses.

New Fundraising Event – Tough Mudder 2017

Shaun Chiole, as trustee of Life Seekers International, is taking part in Tough Mudder 2017.   11 miles of mucky mud and conquering  over 20 challenging  obstacles to gain the coveted headband of success.

There is a special fundraising page open for this here.

You can also see any other fundraising activities that is going on in the MyDonate section of the Support Us page

Online Giving

We have successfully launched our online giving site through BT MyDonate.

Again, this is a very low cost solution as it only costs us 13-15 pence per transaction regardless of the amount donated.

Have a look at the Support Us page for more details.

If you wish to become a fundraiser for us, you can open your very own page linked to our charity and have your own goals and events – just follow this link and register your fundraising page.