Miles Against Malaria

We’ve always said this charity is not about us, but for everyone to have the opportunity to be involved in changing lives of thousands of people.

… So here’s your big chance !

Pick up your bicycle and ride for Life in our
Miles Against Malaria Challenge.

The concept is simple. Get sponsored to cycle as many miles as you dare. However, we recognise that many children who would like to ride too and there is no restriction on this. Get your local school involved and let the children set a benchmark, then the mums and dads and the rest of the adult groups will then need to rise to that challenge.

When is it?

Well, as this is a virtual event, the date is virtually any date. Simply arrange a date in that month with your family, friends and colleagues and go for it. Perhaps spend one weekend teaching your children about fundraising and enjoying a cycle with them.

Where is It?

Ah !! Good question… and you may well like the answer even better. This is a virtual event, so we leave it up to you to decide where you cycle and just how big those hills are or even if you take to the bike in your local gym. This means that people all over the world can join in this event without the travel hassles and muddy camping. Pick your own route and distance and just go for it. Challenge your friends and family to signup and join you in this event and cycle as a group. Maybe you could even challenge those you know in another country. This is a truly global opportunity to come together and put in some Miles Against Malaria. Remember to take food and water with you to keep up your hydration and energy levels.


To meet our objective, we are looking for every cyclist taking part to try to raise some money comparable to your efforts We hope that this is reasonably achievable in that if you can manage a 10 mile cycle or perhaps are pushing the boundaries (as many of you like to do) at say, 100 miles, then your efforts warrant a well deserved support. You get the idea…

Folks, we are not imposing minimum targets or expectations and are grateful for all your efforts. These are just guidelines, but achievable guidelines.

We have an online event donations page .You can monitor our progress in this event and support us. Wonderful only charge 12p per transaction  – no other exorbitant fundraising fees.


Alternatively, you can download the official ‘old-school’ sponsorship form here which can be returned to us by hand, post or email as per the contact page and we can arrange a suitable method of receiving your collected donations.


Simply arrange a route and time that suits you and your friends. Setup an online campaign or print some sponsorship forms and get collecting some donations for your efforts. Rope in those afterwards too who really should have sponsored you in the first place ! Perhaps your company would recognise your efforts and match your sponsorships.

For the children’s rides, parents will accompany their children and be able to teach them about fundraising and why we do it , while encouraging them to feel that motivation in every crank of the pedals. Of course the parents’ mileage on the ride counts too, so parents will need to factor that into your fundraising calculations. If Mum, dad and the 2 children go for a 10 mile round trip, that’s 40 miles in total covered – great efforts !

We would love to profile you in our news items and on the results page. Send us a photo or two along with your story and we will do just that. #braggingrights


There is no entry fee for this event. Whatever minimal costs there are will be absorbed by the charity. We want everyone to feel motivated and understand that all your hard pedalled fundraising will be used fully for the purpose it was intended – buying and shipping Mosquito Nets to those who face life threatening malaria every day of their lives.

What are you waiting for… ?


Download the Charitable Proposal below

Charitable Proposal