MAM 2021 Trans-Africa

Trans Africa for 2021 !

Come follow our virtual tour as we put in the exercise miles to work our way around this most amazing continent.

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Complete Journey

Total Mileage 21,285 miles.  (86% of world’s circumference)


For our kick off month we did 2,377 miles. Starting from London and travelling through France, Spain, Morocco and ending in Fuerteventura in the Canaries.


This month we did a whopping 1,747 miles. we recommenced our travels from Fuerteventura through Morocco’s Western Sahara, into Mauritania and finishing up in Mali.


A mammoth effort this month from our team produces 2,166 miles. We travel from Mali to Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Bissau and end at Freetown Sierra Leone.



This month we pick up another team member and go from Freetown, Sierra Leone to Liberia, to Ivory Coast, to Ghana and finish up in Burkina Faso totaling 2,537 miles.


This month cover some epic legs covering 2,008 miles. We visit Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo and finishing up in Nigeria.


Our 1,608 miles this month takes us out of Nigeria and through much of Cameroon.


July & August

A double header for summer accumulates 2,775 miles. A quick skip out of Cameroon, and we are into Equatorial Guinea, followed by a jump into Gabon, with a final landing into the Republic of the Congo.


A new member to our crew boosts our mileage this month to 3,145 miles.  Exiting the Republic of the Congo we visit many places in the Democratic Republic of the Congo including an active volcano. Rwanda, Burundi are explored before finishing up on the plains of Africa back in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


This month we have an epic adventure into Zambia. We cover some 1,709 miles  this time and go from the DRC to the southern border of Zambia, the gorgeous Lake Kariba and the smoking thunder of Vic Falls. This month also brings up our 20,000 mile total, some 80% of the way around the world!


Our final month of this 2021 Tour has now completed. We accumulated a respectable 1,177 miles this time and crossed from Vic Falls in Zambia to Botswana and then finally to Windhoek. Here we will see the Christmas season through and commence 2022 finishing Southern  Africa and going back up north along the eastern edge of this awesome continent. This year we have completed near 86% of the world’s circumference which is an amazing feat for a bunch of desk jockeys…