Partner News

We continue to forge new alliances in Africa. We are currently investigating three new promising and exciting options. We hope to settle all the paperwork and due diligence in all of these partnerships so that we can begin sending the Gospel and Mosquito Nets to the most vulnerable in these countries.

Watch this space !

2020 Covid

As with the rest of the world, we are experiencing limitations under this current pandemic. Lockdowns reduce our partner missionaries’ ability to deliver the nets and the gospel despite their best intentions.

However, fundraising has been in high gear as we continue to raise funds to supply and support our partners once the world returns to some form of normality. Please do feel free to donate here at our fundraising site as we cover thousands of virtual miles around the world in this cause.

2019 Miles Against Malaria Success

A small group up us have managed to hike, bike, run and swim our way more than a quarter of the way around the world. We made it from the equator to the North Pole, overshooting it by 1,000 miles to be sure.  Fundraising was successful and a huge thanks to all those who helped make this happen.

Clothes en-route

Life Seekers International would like to thank all who helped make this shipment of clothes possible.  Over 200kg of clothes and stationery got wrapped up into 17 bags and are currently in transit to The Gambia.

May many be blessed through your generosity.

LemonAid For Life

Lemons, lemons and more lemons…

LSI took to the local village Gala to raise funds from an all lemon themed bake sale. A good amount was raised that will purchase many nets.  A huge thank you to all those involved and the gala committee for giving us the stall at the last minute.


Wonderful News

In the wake of BT MyDonate closing its doors, we have now setup a new fundraising site for our online donations.

We have joined Wonderful.Org who are commission and service charge free. In fact all 100% of your donations will reach us in tact. They are supported by philanthropic organisations who pay for their running costs.  The site also accepts Gift Aid details so that we can recover that extra 25% from the government.

“Great job” to the folks at Wonderful !

2,000 Mosquito Nets Shipped

We have ordered another 2,000 nets that are now en-route to The Gambia aboard one of the largest container ships out there.  These are due to arrive in early March.

Thank you for all your support in 2018. This shipment could only have happened with your generosity.