Who we are. What we do

A registered Scottish incorporated charity, Life Seekers International (SC046926), aims to raise funds to provide relief from Malaria and poverty in affected regions across the globe. Our primary focus is on children who are the most vulnerable.

Why children?

World Health Organisation states almost half the world’s population risk malaria with 214 million new cases every year, resulting in 500,000 deaths; mostly children, who can be infected up to 13 times each year.

In addition, the mosquito bite can be loaded with other dreaded infectious diseases including Yellow Fever, Zika Virus, Viral Meningitis, Dengue Virus and Encephalitis.

By distributing mosquito nets since 2000, an estimated 6.2 million deaths were prevented. In 2013, $2.7billion funded worldwide malaria control and elimination, representing only half the funds required to achieve it. (WHO, 2015)

How we do it

We purchase and deliver WHO approved, ISO compliant mosquito nets. Our long lasting, king sized nets have a cuboid design which creates a sanctuary for children to read and play whilst minimising skin contact during sleep thereby reducing bites through the net.

Free distribution is achieved by collaborating with existing charities that already have Christian  missionary and humanitarian outreach infrastructures in place into the communities. This enables us to reach groups of people that mass distribution efforts by governments or larger charities are simply unable to meet.



Our operational blueprint incurs very low overheads with nearly all finances providing the aid it was initially raised for. Each £500 raised delivers over 225 nets protecting 4 or more children each. That’s 900 children protected for 6 years from these life threatening infections.


Additionally we invest into their education, with Scottish schools sharing teaching strategies and curriculum ideas with their local schools whilst providing school supplies and children’s clothing.