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Welcome to
Life Seekers International

We are a Scottish registered incorporated charity that is here to help in this global push towards eliminating the devastating effects of this disease throughout the malaria-belt of the world.  We do this through vector control by supplying long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs). There is a big road ahead of us all and we would welcome your Support.

Come see our achievements in our On Mission page.  Here we have all the stories and their photos of the countries where we are established. Keep up to date with our latest News, goings on and announcements too as well as our fundraising efforts and Events.

You can also learn more about Malaria on our Discover page.


Why are we here?

Through the mammoth global effort of distributing mosquito nets to prevent malaria since the year 2000, an estimated 6.2 million deaths  have been prevented. In 2013, US$ 2.7 billion funded worldwide malaria control and elimination, but this represents only half the funds required to achieve it.
(WHO World Malaria Report, 2015)


“The net is so useful you wouldn’t believe it. The children love it so much. They go under it earlier than bedtime to read their books as well as play. Thanks a lot.”                    KC Camara, The Gambia, 2016

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, 
yet forfeit their soul?
Jesus Christ circa 30AD (Matthew 16:26)

Whilst we are committed to the physical well-being of those who face malaria daily, we also recognise that this would be a short sighted passion if we did not share with them the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God,  as the Truth and the Way to a restored eternal relationship with God. Our efforts meet their life needs physically, but our words meet a greater hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ.



MAM22 Finally Going

After a very busy start to the year, we have got our 2022 annual fundraiser going. This time we are going up the east coast of Africa, starting in Namibia where 2021 left off.  Check out our new page to follow our progress.

Partner News

We continue to forge new alliances in Africa. We are currently investigating three new promising and exciting options. We hope to settle all the paperwork and due diligence in all of these partnerships so that we can begin sending the Gospel and Mosquito Nets to the most vulnerable in these countries. Watch this space !

Support Us

Our operational blueprint incurs very low overheads, with nearly all finances providing the aid it was initially raised for.

Each £500 raised delivers well over 200 long lasting king sized nets, protecting up to 4 or more children each. That’s in excess of 800 children protected for 6 years from these life threatening infections.

All your support is welcome. We are tax registered  with HMRC and are therefore able to claim Gift Aid to help make your generosity go even further. Please do fill in the required details so that we can claim and additional 25% on your giving where applicable.

You can donate in number of ways.


Rather than donating generally, you can show your support for a team of enthusiastic supporters who are racking up the exercise mileage through mud, wet and gears. All in the name of Life Seekers the team hiked, biked, ran and swam many miles already and are hoping to  clock enough miles to circumnavigate the  whole work, nearly 25,000 miles. Watch their progress here and support them through the challenge’s logo below.  Wonderfully, this is a completely free service. Also please do remember Gift Aid.


We have registered with Wonderful Payments. The donation fees incurred are just 12p per donation with no other fees due by us or you.  We are registered for Gift Aid on this site, so please do leave your details so we can maximise your donation by adding another 25% for free. If your bank is not listed, you can opt for Golden Giving or Paypal below


Golden Giving additionally allows you to use Debit or Credit Card payment methods. Costs here are 2.1% of the donation amount which is deducted before being passed over to us.  You can setup a direct debit or make a single payment. We are registered for Gift Aid on this site.



You can also donate via PayPal if you prefer. Whilst we have reduced charitable rates with PayPal, it still costs us 1.4% + 20p per transaction. You also have the additional option to set up a standing order through this payment method.

If you are a UK taxpayer, please complete our quick Gift Aid Declaration at the end to boost your donation by 25% for free.